Powered by our people, at Modern Litho, you will find a world-class workplace environment complemented by caring, conscientious, success-minded team members.

For eight decades, both local and national companies seeking excellence in commercial and digital print have trusted Modern Litho for their communication and marketing needs.


Modern Litho seeks to become our customer’s most valued and trusted print partner.

Employing a service-minded, quality- focused workforce, we recognize they are the most valuable part of our company.

As an industry leader, we develop strong relationships with vendors, resulting in a reliable supply chain that is vital to our success.

Through efficient manufacturing practices and skilled craftsmanship, we deliver best-in-class quality at a competitive price.



Modern Litho seeks to build a world-class organization that delivers value far beyond the quality printed products it creates.

Modern Litho is a growth-oriented company, expanding the “hub and spoke” manufacturing model to improve efficiencies and better serve its local, regional and national client base.

Modern Litho believes continued investment in technology, production facilities and its employees is essential to ensure a sustainable and adaptable business.

Modern Litho creates a work environment where employees feel a vested interest in the company because they share the vision for success and work together toward this common purpose.




We know excellence is the result of sincere effort and smart decisions. Therefore, we set high standards by which we live and work.

Heart for Service

We have a heart for service.  Every day we seek out ways to go above and beyond what our clients, peers, and co-workers expect of us, delivering authenticity and trustworthiness in all that we do.

Respect and Integrity

We address each other, our clients, and our business partners with respect and integrity, honoring the value we place on each other as human beings.


We are confident in our actions. We are encouraged to make decisions that result in doing what is right, at the right time. We are problem solvers who possess the vision to see obstacles as opportunities.


We approach people and situations with optimism and excitement.  We are positive thinkers and encourage an environment of creativity and diversity.

Team above Self

We teach “team above self.” We understand that no one person is more important than the other, or than the greatness of the team.  We accomplish – together. We sacrifice – together. As a team.

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