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Election Services: Ballot Printing, Mailing and Tracking

Customized Ballot Printing 

Modern Litho delivers peace of mind through secure, unbiased, non-partisan ballot printing, mailing, and tracking services.

  • Accurate
  • Data-driven, presorted for bulk postage discounts
  • Secure
  • Comprehensive, closed-loop tracking system utilizing USPS®
    Informed Visibility® and election authority receiving data
  • Double checks and handoffs to local election authorities
  • Ballot tracking is viewable to voters through a customized portal

By creating customized ballot designs, we ensure accurate and compliant voter behavior that can be monitored throughout each step of the process. Responsive and data-driven communication between municipalities, election boards, and Modern Litho allows for precise follow-up saving time and money.

Election Services Key Products Include:

Election Notification Card (ENC) mailing with sample ballots included! Also contains a personalized bar code for check-in at the polling location which encourages more efficient voting practices and reduces wait times.

Ballots and Ballot Testing (Test Decks)

On-demand Absentee Ballots/Mail Ballots

Canvas Cards include:

  • Voter ID Cards – confirms residency
  • Address Verification Notice (AVN) – verifying address automatically through NCOA

We serve a variety of organizations who need election services:

    • Political organizations
    • Stockholders
    • Credit unions
    • Membership organizations
    • Non-profit organizations
    • Alumni associations
    • Professional organizations

Contact Jerry Kiske, our Election Services expert for more information!

Jerry Kiske Jr.
Account Executive


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