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Interactive Print & Media

Bridging the Gap between the Print and Digital Worlds

Whether you want to offer your audience additional inspiration through video, 3D images of your products, or 360-degree views of event venues, bringing your print to life with augmented reality is now a reality with Modern Litho’s interactive print solutions.

For many years, advanced interactive print technology has been accessible only to those organizations with large budgets and experienced creative and IT teams. Today, combining print, mobile and online content is the future of marketing, and available to all.  With imaginative interactive print solutions and precise calls-to-action, you can now offer engaging interactive experiences for your target audiences, moving them through multi-media channels originating in print. At Modern Litho, we can assist with augmented reality experiences, custom app solutions, and the digital publishing of your media and content.

Interactive Print Solutions include:

  • 2D and 3D models, animation and videos
  • Personalized content, registration and data capture
  • E-commerce, coupon and promotional code integrations
  • Social sign-in and social sharing integration
  • Share, save or like content on social media
  • Cloud-based content management
  • Hyperlinking
  • Product purchase
  • Participate in a poll or survey
  • Form completion
  • Access exclusive locked content
  • Live voting
  •  “Learn More”
  • Exclusive offers, coupons, messaging
  • “Find a location”

Digital Publishing and Custom App Services include:

  • Custom-created landing pages
  • Automated hyperlinking
  • Intuitive in-edition search
  • Direct traffic to your website
  • In-browser product and page rollovers
  • Social shares and likes
  • Instant online content management, tracking and reporting

Click here to download our Digital Publishing Features and Capabilities fact sheet.

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