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ACT NOW! Webinar-On-Demand

Welcome to the ACT NOW! Webinar-On-Demand

Daniel Degan Sappi Fine Papers, Trish Witkowski Grab your ACT NOW! Direct Mail Guide and experience the marketing power of direct mail as Daniel Dejan of Sappi Fine Papers and Trish Witkowski of speak to you about getting the most from your direct mail campaigns in 2014. With plenty of examples and how-to’s, this webinar-on-demand is an exciting way to get familiar with the new tactics and trends that make new-age direct mail successful.

Pressed for time? No problem!

Watch the webinar in smaller segments, at your convenience. Click any of the individual sections below to view the five segments and case studies individually.


Get to know Trish and Daniel and appreciate their conversational style and expertise!

Part I: Why Mail?

Trish and Daniel shed new light on 8 significant and proven strengths of direct mail: Privacy, Reliability, Guaranteed, Preferred, Affordable, Tech-Savvy, Inclusive, Tangible.

Part II: The Process

3 Phases of Direct Mail: Strategy, Format, Analysis

Strategy 40/40/20 Rule, Market Segmentation, Marketing Approach, List Sources and List Maintenance. Trish presents 7 Copy Drivers, Power Words, and Offers that will engage your audience.
Format What format should your direct mail be? Video: Most Critical 2013 Changes in USPS Direct Mail Guidelines, Review of 3 Critical Rules of Direct Mail Format
Analysis Testing Techniques, Tracking Mechanisms, Financials: Campaign Costs and Payoffs

Part III: Case Studies

Trish and Daniel talk you through three case studies that include the samples in your Sappi Red Box.

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