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10 Print-Ready Tips for Designers

At Modern Litho, we understand the life of a designer can be overwhelming. With so much to think about, the final preparation for the printed piece can get lost in the shuffle. So to help keep our designer friends on the straight and narrow, here are 10 helpful tips on…

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FIBS: Help with File Preparation

FIBS…IT’S NO LIE WHEN WE SAY FILE PREPARATION IS THE KEY TO SMOOTH PRINT PRODUCTION! File preparation can sometimes be the vast territory separating the graphic designer from the printer. Here is a simple way to remember the key points of file preparation: Fonts, Images, Bleed and Spell check or…

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InSite User Guide

Modern Litho, Brown Printing and Modern Litho-St. Louis are proud to utilize Kodak® InSite as our Prepress Client Portal system. This online gateway allows our clients to upload files, download files, manage proofs and engage in the proof approval process in a turnkey environment built for simplicity and speed. We…

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