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Design Tips for Digital Printing: Kodak Nexpress

There are several things to keep in mind when designing specifically for digital printing.

Color. A digital press uses toner, not ink. Colors render differently on a digital press vs. an offset press. While the quality of digital presses has come a long way, you will be able to tell a difference. Also note, when using PMS or Pantone colors, these colors will be printed as a build of CMYK. It is important to watch large areas of heavy ink coverage, banding or blending issues can occur.

Paper. Digital presses can sometimes require use of specific papers that are compatible. Other presses such as the Kodak Nexpress do not require such papers. You can use the same stocks as an offset press. Be sure to check with your printer before choosing paper stock.

Finishing. Think finishing at the beginning of the design process. The more you understand about how the finished product will be produced, the better.  For example, since toner does not sink into paper like ink, heavy coverage can cause cracking along folds. With this in mind, you can design the piece to have less coverage where it is going to be scored/folded.

Bleeds/Margins. Digital printing requires more tolerance for registration. This means you must supply at least an 1/8 in bleed for any image area reach the edge of page. This will ensure that your design is not cutoff in the finishing process.

Image resolution. Digital presses require a minimum of 300 dpi resolution to guarantee high quality photo production. Do not use photo files in a compressed format like a jpeg. When possible use a source format like .eps, .tiff or .psd. And try not to enlarge photos from their original size.

Text legibility.  Avoid using font sizes smaller than 4 pt. For greater legibility, keep to high contrast colors and uncomplicated fonts.

Download our Kodak Nexpress infographic here:


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