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Pocket Folders: 8 Tips for Printing Custom Folders

Pocket-Folders_210x140Keep your company brochures, booklets, flyers, etc. in perfect shape with a custom branded pocket folder. Perfect for assembling multiple pieces of corporate collateral or presenting a client proposal, pocket folders are a must-have for your marketing arsenal. Need help designing and printing your pocket folder? We’ve got 8 tips to help you get started!

  1. Do you recommend that I print a pocket folder for my organization?

    Of course! Pocket folders are a relatively inexpensive way of showcasing materials for your organization. They can be customized easily for your target audience, and custom printed pocket folders give the recipient an easy way to store and retain the information you are distributing.

  2. What types of pocket folders are available?

    Pocket folders are versatile and provide an endless variety of features depending on your needs.
    Here are some popular designs and formats:

      • 9 x 12 with two 4 inch interior pockets
      • 9 x 12 with slanted or straight vertical pockets
      • 9 x 12 with one 4 inch interior pocket
      • 9 x 12 with Trifold cover and one 4 in pocket on middle panel
      • 9 x 12 single pocket (slanted or straight) with no flap

    Click Here for some pocket folder templates that can help you get started!

  3. How do I know if I need a box fold for my pocket folder?

    Think about the thickness of the materials you will be placing inside the pocket. If you want to include bound materials with a spine that is more than 0.5 inches thick, you might consider using a box pocket that will allow space. Also note, if you do a box pocket, you will need to add the same thickness to the spine as well.

  4. What types of paper are recommended for printing a pocket folder?

    The lightest weight paper we would recommend on a pocket folder is 80 lb. or 100 lb. cover. Most often we use 10 point cover or 12 point cover. You want the paper to be sturdy enough to protect the contents.

  5. How is a pocket folder printed?

    Pocket folders are produced by printing flat press sheets like any other printed material. The press sheets are then cut down in bulk and die cut using custom made dies to achieve the overall shape. They are finished by folding and gluing the pockets to the folder. We have some of the best pocket folder printers that produce exceptionally high-quality prints for your business.

  6. Can we create a custom die design for our pocket folder?

    Yes, absolutely! You can create your own die and we will hold it for you to use on future projects. Or, you can choose from a variety of standard dies we already have on hand.

  7. What types of special paper coating would be recommended?

    Uncoated paper, gloss and UV coatings are popular choices for pocket folders. Matte coating gives a great finish but can mark and fingerprint easily during the production process.
    Textured papers such as linen, laid, metallic, and woven give a unique and extra touch to pocket folders.

  8. Do pocket folders meet USPS mailing standards?

    Yes, you can mail a pocket folder and there are several variations on how that can be done depending on the size and the design. If it is a standard 9 x 12 size, it must be labeled on the top half of the back of the pocket folder. It would mail at a flat rate, same a publication of the same size. We would highly recommend placing a wafer tab on the top and side to keep any contents from falling out during mailing/delivery. Otherwise, we recommend mailing your folder in an envelope to ensure the best result.

Learn more about printing pocket folders and how to properly customize them for your market by contacting Modern Litho. We have all the resources to help your upcoming print marketing campaign be a success!

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