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Category Archives: General Q&A

Binding: 101


Ever wonder what the difference between perfect bound and case bound is? Or loop stitching and saddlestitching? Well, search no more! We’ve got the perfect binding 101 cheat sheet to help… [Read More]

8 Tips on Printing Pocket Folders


Keep your company brochures and pamphlets in perfect shape with a branded pocket folder. Perfect for assembling multiple pieces of corporate collateral or presenting a client proposal, pocket folders are… [Read More]

FIBS: Help with File Preparation

FIBS…It’s no lie when we say file preparation is the key to smooth print production! File preparation can sometimes be the vast territory separating the graphic designer from the printer…. [Read More]


Have a question about the design or the printing of your publication?Don’t be afraid. The only bad questions out there are the ones that don’t get asked! Cassandra Atchison, Marketing… [Read More]

Printing Term Dictionary

We realize there is a great deal to know when it comes to ordering printing. So to help you out, we’ve created a Printing Term Dictionary! Against the Grain   At… [Read More]

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