4 Great Pieces of Content You Can Brand

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Not sure what type of content medium fits your needs? Here are four ideas to consider. And while you are considering them, don’t forget to refer to our infographic for the 7 Elements for Creating Engaging Branded Content for your Publication and Beyond.

Looking for creative ways to capture your target market through print?

  1. Direct Mail. Direct mail response rates increased U.S. company sales $702 billion in 2010. If direct mail isn’t in your marketing arsenal, it’s time to add it! There are many ways you can create engaging direct mail pieces. From custom die-cut designs to bulky mail packages, direct mail will grab the attention of your customers and prospects. With variable data printing you’re able to add a personalized touch, allowing you to connect with your target audience on a whole new level, and leverage your data to increase engagement.
  2. Publications. Publications get you noticed and add credibility to your brand. Do you have white papers, studies, digital content, podcast interviews, industry trending topics or other interesting content that would make a great “read”? Put it in a pub! (A publication, that is.) A well-designed, well branded publication can help you to establish your company as an expert and as a thought leader, and will be well received by your customers and prospects.
  3. Infographics. Whether you’re designing a large poster or a small desktop piece, an infographic can be a great way to display your brand as well as interesting industry statistics. As with publications, infographics allow you to bring a wealth of knowledge to your target audience in an easily understood and shareable way, setting you apart from your competitors. A well-designed infographic can stay with a client for months, especially if it’s built around information they can use.
  4. Newsletters. Take them out of the inbox and put them in the mailbox! Newsletters can carry more impact when mailed to your customers or prospects and have a 24% higher chance of being shared with a colleague or coworker. Not to mention that 23% percent of recipients save specific print articles.
    Looking for a way to make a bigger impact?

Try combining two printed pieces into a fantastically creative piece that is sure to wow your audience. Turn a brochure into a poster. Turn a sheet of trending statistics into an infographic. Turn a “how-to” guide into an ebook. Move your audience between print and online, and then back again. It will keep your brand fresh, dynamic and appealing to all audiences in all venues.

Modern Litho understands the importance of making an impact with your marketing and publications, and we want to help you Just Say It through all of your printed materials. Whether you’re launching a new direct mail marketing campaign or releasing your latest publication, Modern Litho has the industry expertise and know-how to help you create beautiful printed materials for your brand that will be sure to leave a lasting impression. Did we mention we also have in house mailing facility as well?! We’ve got your print and distribution covered.