Brown Printing is now Modern Litho Jefferson City


When the owners of Brown Printing and Modern Litho-Print Co. merged their businesses under a corporate holding company on January 1, 2000, the decision was made for both companies to continue operating autonomously at their respective facilities and under their existing brand name.

Since then, our planned growth has taken us from 60 employees to 385 today, with operations in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Jefferson City. Modern Litho, Inc. currently ranks as the 92nd largest printing company (based on revenue) in North America, in an industry of over 15,000, and is proud to serve great customers in all 50 states and internationally. And of course, that includes you!

Brown Printing’s emphasis has always been on serving the local (Jefferson City, Lake, Columbia) market while supporting the national efforts of Modern Litho, and that remains unchanged. However, with the recent acquisition of Direct Impaqt in Columbia, and their subsequent rebranding to Modern Litho-Columbia, we’re excited to announce that the time has come to rebrand Brown Printing to Modern Litho-Jefferson City.

Entering into 2024, you may notice a few things—like new signage and other branding changes—in support of unifying our Modern Litho brand. The great news is that everyone you have worked with will remain in place and other than asking you to update your purchase order and accounts payable information, business with Modern Litho-Jefferson City will continue as usual.

Thank you for your business and loyalty as we cross this milestone. Our entire team at Modern Litho looks forward to continuing to provide you with great service and high-quality printing and signage.