Calligraphy Links & Resources


The art of beautiful writing has been around since the Greeks coined the term calligraphy, a combination of two words meaning “beauty” and “to write”. This page is designed as resource to people interested in calligraphy, as they seek out information on the web. The search bar below is a dedicated tool designed to provide only search results from 30 of the top calligraphy sites on the web. Why sift through the clutter when you can search for what you need from the best of the best?



About Calligraphy

What is Calligraphy: An introduction to calligraphy

History of Calligraphy (by An in depth look at the history of calligraphy and many styles of calligraphy

History of Calligraphy (aimed at a younger audience): By Andrea Fuentes, presented in Slideshare

Educational Links

Calligraphy For Beginners: A website dedicated to providing resources for those just getting started with calligraphy

Learn Calligraphy: An educational site offering videos, classes, and tutorials

Omniglot: Links to calligraphy in other languages

Society of Scribes: Non-profit educational group focused on the teaching, study and practice of calligraphy

Calligraphy Lessons: Video lessons from calligraphyartvideos on YouTube


Calligraphy & Artist Galleries: Curated by Cecilia

Dave Wood’s Calligraphy Art Gallery: Calligraphy artist Dave Wood’s amazing collection of calligraphy work, with links to videos and workshops

Other Calligraphy Links

Calligraphy Centre: A calligraphy shop, but also an educational source with information on workshops and retreats

Calligraphy Fonts: A collection of fonts from Okay, while it’s not technically calligraphy, paper source is a wonderful resource used by many calligraphers