Direct Mail is a Powerhouse for Non Profits

Nonprofit marketer’s take note, direct mail remains one of the most effective donor engagement vehicles.

The Facts:

64% percent of people visit a website because of direct mail they have received.

11% of donors prefer direct mail.

Direct mail motivates 36% more donors to donate online.

Direct mail response rates are higher than they have ever been since the first direct mail response rate study in 2003.

Direct mail and digital marketing unite to form a powerhouse punch for nonprofits!

Using direct mail and digital forms of marketing have shown to increase response rates by up to 5X! What does that look like exactly? Here is an example of how direct mail and digital marketing efforts work together to create a unique experience for each donor:

Step 1: A potential donor receives a piece of direct mail from your organization. It could be a newsletter, an appeal letter, a case study, or an event invitation, whatever the printed material is has to be compelling enough to engage the recipient. The call to action directs them to visit your organization’s website or social media.

Step 2: The potential donor visits the site.

Step 3: Taking no action, the donor leaves your website.

Step 4: Later as the potential donor visits other websites, an ad for your organization displays on those sites and tracks with them. This form of digital marketing is called “retargeting” or “remarketing”. Potential donors who are retargeted are 70% more likely to convert.

Step 5: The retargeting ad compels the potential donor to revisit your site or take additional action described/facilitated in the ad.

Step 6: The potential donor becomes a first time donor and through ongoing re-engagement strategies, a loyal repeat donor!

Does this sound familiar? We have all been targets of this kind of marketing and the truth is, it works and it all starts with direct mail!

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Source: Nonprofit Marketer’s Guide