The Perks of a Digital Publication

Print is a beautiful thing, especially when your magazine is a glistening spread of well-placed images and inspirational copy. But, are you missing out on an audience who is looking to read your publication online?

Consider offering an online version of your magazine as an additional perk or even as a general subscription. Digital publications can help to expand your readership and drive your audience to your online content, allowing the interaction with your brand to expand beyond the written page into an interactive space, and to be shared easily.

There are 5 benefits of a digital publication that can help you improve, execute and share your content better with your audience.


Let’s face it; with every magazine there is a desire to know how the audience is receiving the content. Is it hitting the mark, is the audience interacting, and is there a way to improve? With an online magazine, analytics, polls and comments can help you get a better sense of what works and what doesn’t. With this insight, you can make better decisions on upcoming editorial, digital initiatives and other customer-based components.


Polls and surveys are an excellent way to involve your audience to shape the content of your publication. In addition to delivering a customer centric experience, you will also begin to establish a more personal connection with your audience. Using polls and surveys can also help you to generate statistics and insight that you can feature in your publication. Giving your content a sense of community will bring you one step closer to establishing the personal connection.


Analytics is your key to success. With online content, you have access to instantaneous results. You’ll know (whether you want to or not!) the readership engagement, which pages or articles are viewed, and which articles are shared, among other track-able activities.


Opinions can be a valuable asset and comments on your digital content can provide insight into how your readership thinks, how they interact with the online community and what content they enjoy. It can be a critical component when building you editorial calendars and content and taking into consideration trending topics.


Depending on the type of publication you have, user generated content could be an excellent way to involve the readers while also eliciting new content at the same time. You can use reader-produced content such as photos, tips, success stories, lessons and other various insights. User generated content can add another layer of personal connection, something your readership can relate to.