USPS Mail Panel Regulations: Guidelines for Optimizing Address Readability for USPS

New Postal Service automation equipment is capable of processing flat-size mail at a rate of over 17,000 pieces per hour! This high speed processing not only helps to hold down postal operating costs and, consequently, postage rates, it also enables consistency in on-time mail delivery. High readability of barcode and address information is a critical component of automation success.

The USPS has strict requirements regarding the mail panel of a printed piece. In order to receive maximum postage discounts, the mail panel must comply with these regulations.

What does this mean for you? It means you can decrease the amount of postage you pay by optimizing address readability on your printed piece.

It only takes a few simple steps:

1. Place the spine or bound edge of the piece in your right hand. In many cases, this means turning your piece upside down as most spines are on the left edge.

2. Fold the piece in half or if it is too thick to fold draw a line noting the middle of the piece.

3. Verify that the address block is located entirely in the top portion (above the line).

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